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Opera News | April 2010

But American soprano Mardi Byers was a memorable Marie, coloring phrases with a fine expressive sense and showing real regret over her callous treatment of Wozzeck


New York Times | International Herald Tribune 01.12.2009

..the American soprano Mardi Byers was a memorable Marie, singing with a wealth of vocal colors and making a lovely moment of the lullaby for her son. She was also effective in showing genuine remorse for two-timing Wozzeck. And she certainly had one’s sympathies when, standing blindfolded on a chair in bra and panties, she was taunted by Wozzeck with a whip.


The Moscow Times, 18. 11. 2010

But the most outstanding performance, both times that I attended, was that of guest American soprano Mardi Byers, who, more than simply playing the part of Marie, seemed to be truly living it, and who met the challenges of Marie's music in heroic fashion.



Neue Musikzeitung, 29. 11. 2009

Mardi Byers als Marie, deren lyrische Zerbrechlichkeit und tragisch verblendete Auflehnung zutiefst berühren, macht den Abend zu einem so außergewöhnlichen wie intensiven Ereignis mit der so selten gewordenen Langzeitwirkung einer Opernaufführung.



Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 27. 11. 2009

Alle wussten spielerisch und sängerisch voll zu überzeugen. Mardi Byers als Marilyn-Monroe-artige Marie mit weicher lyrischer Stimme.


Kommersant Daily, 25. 11. 2009

A powerful and skillful soprano Mardi Byers – a chilling combination of stylistic perfection with zealous singing artistry.

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